A Prescription for Fiction

Life is too short for bad books. I recently came across bibliotherapy: the art of prescribing fiction to cure life’s ills in an attempt to help, heal or provoke. So you’ll never have to read a bad book again.


The School of Life in London runs a bibliotherapy session where you meet with one of their trained consultants to explore your relationship with books. Whether you’re suffering from a broken heart, stuck in a rut at work or simply want to explore new literary directions, there is a prescription for you. The School of Life’s bibliotherapist Ella Berthoud says ‘All life situations, whether serious or frivolous, can be illuminated by a good book. We believe that reading the right book at the right time can change your life. Our job is to help you find that book.’


I completely agree. I wonder if there’s a prescription for how to stay away from the leftover Christmas chocolate?

Sophie, Editor

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