A Change of Season…

As the temperature has finally dropped in London, there’s one thing in the back of everyone’s mind; winter is coming. I will probably regret saying this in two months time – but I am kind of glad. In hot weather London is even more muggy than usual and not to mention public transport becomes a rattling, cramped sauna. So yes, I say, bring on the cold. Although it may be chilly, there are a few good things about winter. My favourite being frosty walks through the common when it looks like this:


Or in fact, come to think of it, like the cover to Kjell Eriksson‘s novel:

princess of burundi finalwb

Then there’s hot steaming soups, knitted jumpers, the smell of cinnamon and feeling festive when it reaches December. So after some incredibly hot and uncomfortable weeks I am ready for a change. Plus I am from the north, we’re not genetically engineered for warm weather. And I am also looking forward to a new winter coat!

Are you ready for winter? What wintry things are you most looking forward to?

Sophie Robinson, Editorial Administrator

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One thought on “A Change of Season…”

  1. I would love to sit in a pavement cafe..plenty of those here in trendy Brighton,sipping hot chocolate while wearing only jeans and trendy jumper with trendy scarf and hat combo which in films always seems to keep the heroine snugly warm..but in reality am more likely to be shivering in the damp sea mist while simultaneously choking on fag smoke and pollution from the traffic . So I am looking forward to watching sentimental made for TV movies on cable indoors in my nighty instead..

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