5 things you should know when moving flat

You will have noticed that I did not post a blog on Friday. This is because, instead of blogging, I was completing a feat comparable to an Iron Man.
Yes, that’s right, I had to move flat.
And before you scoff at my hyperbolic analogy, I will explain that this feat involved getting everything done (obtaining keys to new flat, finishing packing up old flat, moving everything to new flat, cleaning old flat etc. ) in the space of one day (and night).  I probably burned a comparable amount of calories to the average Iron Man triathlete (about 9000kcals) considering the amount of heavy lifting, vigorous scrubbing, yelling at useless estate agents and stress that was involved in the process. Not to mention I undertook all three triathlon categories as I did copious amounts of running, jumped on my bike at one point (I had to cycle the empty streets of Wimbledon at 2.00am to pick up a van), and was arguably swimming in my own sweat throughout.

So the analogy holds, but more to the point, it was through this feat that I learned some useful lessons which I would like to share with you here:

1. It is possible to function on pure adrenaline, 2 home-delivery pizzas and no sleep for 32 hours.

2. Letting agents blatantly lie.
Of course you can move in first thing in the morning! Sign here. Oh, but our morning starts at 4pm.
Of course you can use the garden shed for storage! Sign here. Oh, except the landlady is using it instead.
And of course we will have everything ready for you. Sign here. Oh, how funny, these set of keys don’t work. Would you like us to cut you some new ones for you this afternoon so you can get into your new home which you’ve been paying for since the sun rose?

3. Tenants should always buy from IKEA.
Where else would you be able to find a huge, functional and attractive 2m by 1m wardobe which can be dismantled at breakneck speed (even when sleep-deprived), then transported in pieces and reassembled successfully (sans instructions) to look as good as new and equally suitable in your next rented flat?

4. Zipcar (Streetcar’s new name) truly rocks.
The fact that you can hire a van at any time of day or night with one phonecall, and pick it up most likely within a 2 mile radius of your house, is quite a remarkable service – let alone, in my case, a life-saver.

5. Once you’ve physically moved, the rest is easy with Iammoving.com.
Update your new address for your energy suppliers, council tax, even magazine subscriptions on one website and with a simple click.

And on a side note, if anyone’s New Year’s resolution is to join a gym or embark on a new diet – may I suggest you ‘simply’ move house and you’ll shed the Christmas pounds and more, in one fell swoop!

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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