What to get for a baby shower

Am meeting up with the girls tonight to plan a baby shower for a friend. She’s doing the baby’s room in a Winnie-the-Pooh theme – how easy does that make it for us to buy gifts for her! In amongst the craziness of Ferrari strollers and Jamie Oliver bottle warmers, I got thinking about our book Star Babies. If ever you are in need of an unusual gift for a soon-to-mum, this is ideal. It’s cute, funny and absolutely fascinating. So, Shells, if you’re reading, here’s a sneak preview of what you’ve got to expect in August:

‘Bringing me sunshine’, so the song goes, and the Leo child takes this as a very personal request.
Watch a lion cub at play or just struggling to cope with its new world and, invariably, the spectator can’t resist a smile. It’s the same with a young Leo whose mission in life is to make life grander, better and warmer for family, friends and the world in general with the sheer force of its personality. This is never going to be one of life’s shrinking violets. The Leo baby comes into the world determined to be noticed, its wonderful sense of showmanship and drama evident from the very beginning of its journey through life.
One way or another it’s going to be a star, whether through clever attention-seeking devices or just its marvellously sunny, charming and utterly enchanting disposition.
Extract from Star Babies

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