Wednesday Cover Story: Word on the street about Devoured cover

We’ve said this a million times over how lovely it is to hear from our readers who take the time to tell us how much they enjoyed one of our books. And whilst the focus is usually the content of the book, it’s a thrill when we get told how much they love the packaging too.  So this week, the spotlight goes to the newly released hardback Devoured, by D E Meredith (which sports a beautifully textured cover, a printed bookcase and a ribbon marker).

It caught the eye of Chris Sagar in Edinburgh (reviewer for the website It’s a Crime or a Mystery!) who dropped me the following lovely email about it:

‘Had a wander into Waterstone’s at lunchtime and, apart from the fact that is brilliant to see so much A&B stock in there now, I saw “Devoured” and just had to comment on the ‘finished product’ – beautiful book, the cover style and ‘feel’ are so inviting. And I particularly like the size/format – different, and appealing.  Just thought I’d say!’

Well, I’m glad you thought and said, Chris! Thanks for the lovely feedback and hope to delight you (and all our readers) with more beautiful packaging!

If any of you has something to say about our covers just email me at or tweet us @allisonandbusby

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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