Wednesday Cover Story: What do you think the next colours will be?

On the train home last night I spotted a man reading The King’s Evil, by Edward Marston. He was actually right on the other side of the carriage but I clocked it immediately – possibly because I’m predisposed to sighting any of our books, but more probably because the design really jumps out at you. It’s the new look for Marston’s Restoration (Christopher Redmayne) series and the latest one to get the revamp is The Frost Fair which is now my favourite in the series. Something about that frosty blue (although it’s coming up very turquoise on screen) and the red text. I might just have to make it an appropriately wintry Christmas present for someone just so I can admire it some more next to the festive tree.

The Painted Lady and The Parliament House are the last two titles in the series waiting for their overhaul, probably due next spring. What do we think, a yellow hue next? Or maybe a violet? Leave a comment with your suggestions for the colours for these next books and if you get at least one of them right, you’ll enter a draw to win a free copy! (Comments valid for entry until 31 January 2012!)

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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