Wednesday Cover Story: The Wonders of 3D

It was only about a week ago that I saw my first movie in 3D. Yes, finger on the pulse, that’s me. It was Star Trek: Into Darkness, Benedict Cumberbatch was in fine form and it was an enjoyable couple of hours.  The 3D effect took a little bit of getting used I must say, and I’m slightly embarassed to report that in the opening scene, where Kirk is running through a alien forest chased by a pack of indigenous, angry aliens, I really did jump when a spear seemed to be on a collision course with my face. So, it must have been working quite well.

It appears that it won’t be long until we publishers get in on some of this extra dimension action. Alma Books, Independent Publisher of the Year, are leading the way with a new cover printing effect that will make the designs of the Evergreen Classics list ‘pop’ through a clever layering of UV varnish from our printing friends at CPI. I look forward to seeing some of these great designs with the effect.

Can you suggest books that deserve the 3D treatment? I’d suggest a looming, cavernous whale mouth for Moby Dick.

Lesley Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager


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