Wednesday Cover Story: The Revival of Inspector Ghote

This week we mourn the loss of revered crime writer HRF (Harry) Keating (read more in News…), best known for his inimitable Inspector Ghote series, set in India and comprising an impressive list of 24 titles.  Although the series ended in 2000 (after 22 books), readers saw the return of Ghote in 2008 when we proudly published Keating’s last two books, which were in fact prequels to the Ghote series: Inspector Ghote’s First Case and A Small Case for Inspector Ghote?.

Perhaps it is a moment of bittersweet irony that the world must bid farewell to the author just when Ghote is about to enjoy yet another revival. Penguin are reissuing four Ghote titles (including the first in the series The Perfect Murder) for their classics list next month. And the cover designs? Well, I think they are absolutely fabulous.

Eye-catching, modern, using a silhouetted profile reminiscent of the iconic silhouette of the classic detective Sherlock Holmes, and a playful background design which hints at an Indian theme without being too obvious…it is all wonderfully thought out.

Sadly, Harry will miss the moment these beautiful books hit the stores (7 April), but he will no doubt have taken great pleasure in knowing Ghote would soon be celebrated in this way, and it is proof of the much-loved literary legacy he leaves behind.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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