Wednesday Cover Story: The Hungry Ghosts

On the platform of the northbound Northern Line at Waterloo (where I spend a minimum of a minute every morning heading into the office) there is a poster for The Hungry Ghosts, by Anne Berry (basically the book cover blown up to poster proportions). I have spent the last few weeks admiring this image, so much so that the book now features on my shelf at home. The blurb was intriguing too, but I admit, it had me at “Hello-I-have-a-beautiful-cover”…

But it was only today (when I went on Amazon to upload the cover image for this blog) that I came across the hardback cover. Another utterly beautiful design –  but would it have made me want to buy the book as much as the paperback cover did? I’m not so sure. This is probably why so many covers include a person on it – it makes you want to know their story.  Would you agree?

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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