Wednesday Cover Story: Sneak peak of The Dragon Diaries series…

Our Art editor, Christina, has finalised the covers to the first two books in The Dragon Diaries series by Deborah Cooke: Flying Blind (out October 2011) and Winging It, and without a doubt they can be filed under my very official list of “Favourite A&B Covers”. Here they are:

I seem to be regressing to my teenage years, currently reading Love Inc. and discovering that, if written well, Young Adult novels make for wonderfully entertaining reads no matter how old you are. I will, however, admit to having been a little self-conscious when reading Love Inc. on the tube with its eye-catching but quite blatant ‘teen’ cover. (This morning I thought I caught the look on a man’s face sitting across from me that said “surely a grown woman such as yourself should be reading something more…well, ‘grown-up’?”)

I was, of course, being ridiculous because, truth is, he was thinking nothing of the sort.  a) He was more likely staring straight through me in a semi-comatosed, pre-coffee-A.M. state; b) I can still look about 13 so anyone would more likely question my reading choice if I flashed them the cover of a Jilly Cooper novel; but more importantly c) there is no longer such a divide between YA and Adult novels – Harry Potter, Twilight anyone? – and people are, rightly so, happily embracing, like me, their teen spirit.

And when the covers are as stunningly chic, modern, and atmospheric as these for The Dragon Diaries, I know I will be showing them off to all and sundry, proudly waving the flag and celebrating the teen reader in me!

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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