Wednesday Cover Story: One Day it’ll be over…

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting just a tad weary of seeing One Day, by David Nicholls everywhere? Granted, I’m sure that if we published the book, I’d have no issue with this at all and would find it simply marvellous to spot it in yet another commuter’s hands. But seeing as that’s not the case, I’m a little One Day‘d out. Also, possibly because I’m not a fan of the cover. Which is probably due to the fact I’m not a fan of the colour orange (especially the One Day tone of orange). So whilst I usually enjoy gazing at a beautiful book cover held open by a reading passenger in front of me, I get no pleasure from someone brandishing the cover to One Day in my face.  And I’m not the only one – because if you read Lara’s past post about the book (which she adored, mind you) you will see that she too disliked the cover. I believe she used the word, ‘Blegh’.

So, just when I thought we might have been reaching the end of the One Day craze, a new book, Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell has just come out, clearly riding on the One Day look-a-like band-wagon.

But atleast it’s pink, not orange. A marginal improvement…

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One thought on “Wednesday Cover Story: One Day it’ll be over…”

  1. I don’t like the cover either (or the pink one, though the actual colour is marginally better than the orange) or the book very much, though I am not its target readership. I presume there will soon be an edition out with a “film” cover, perhaps a rare case of a movie tie-in cover being nicer than the original.

    Now, The Hanging Wood cover, which I saw on Martin Edwards’s blog yesterday, is much better! And I am looking forward to reading the book which I am sure I’ll find much more to my liking than One Day 😉

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