Wednesday Cover Story: New cases (and covers) for Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes has certainly been enjoying a revival of late. And it’s no surprise as why should we ever tire of great characters? We’ve played our own part in keeping Holmes’ spirit alive by publishing Laurie R King‘s acclaimed Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes series (The Pirate King, and the long-sought-after earlier title, O Jerusalem, will be out in paperback shortly in June) and I’ve already voiced how much I adore the covers for this series.

But now we have another set of books to delight fans of Sherlock Holmes…various collections of original cases, brought to you by June Thomson (lauded as one of the best writers of Holmes pastiches). The first, The Secret Archives of Sherlock Holmes, is available in hardback, to be followed by three paperbacks later this year (July and September). And the covers are equally beautiful.  If you’ve followed this blog for some time, you will already be aware of my penchant for “sets”…   (Click on each cover to find out more about each book.)

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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