Wednesday Cover Story: In light of World Cat Day…

As you all of course know today is World Cat Day! Or perhaps I’m the only one who’s accidentally strayed across this fact…  And in spite of being a little allergic to cats, I do think we should take the opportunity to celebrate our feline friends in this week’s Wednesday Cover Story. To begin, take a look at this blog entry I found via Google, where classic book covers have been adapted to include kitties. Particularly liking Catonement by Ian McEwan and The Catanic Verses by Salman Rushdie, although I do get the feeling that the blogger perhaps had a little too much time on their hands…

But of course here at Allison & Busby we too enjoy a cat-themed cover. Our Hazel Holt books in particular feature a mysterious black cat which continues to reappear throughout the series…spooky!

Does anyone else know of any notable kitty-themed covers (or perhaps you’d like to invent more feline versions of literary classics?)

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator

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