Wednesday Cover Story: How we came to talk about The Postmistress covers

Working in book publishing and in open plan office, it is natural that at some point in the week (possibly day) we will talk about a cover to a book – one of ours or one from another publisher.  Exactly how we might end up talking about a particular cover may vary… It could be because we are discussing design and comparing various looks, praising a particular cover we’ve fallen in love with… or, like today, it could come up randomly in conversation.

Me (Chiara): Guess who I spotted on Platform 2 at the North Terminal at Gatwick on Sunday, on my way back home from Madrid?

Girls in unison: Who?

Me: Richard and Judy!

Susie: Great spot!

Me: Yes, Richard was looking quite dapper in a white blazer. If only I had my copy of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet with me,  I could have offered it to them as a wonderful holiday read… (I’m sure Richard and Judy have nightmares about being chased by publisists.)

Lesley: They are still doing their Book Club, right?

Susie: Yes, but it’s exclusive to WHSmith

Lara: I can’t quite think of the titles on the current list off the top of my head.

Me: No, but I can picture one of the covers – a close up of a woman – which I really like. (She makes me think of Kristin Scott-Thomas)

Susie: Ah, The Postmistress, by Sarah Blake – yes I like that cover too.  It’s a new cover, the older one was very different.

And that is how we came to talk about The Postmistress covers…

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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