Wednesday Cover Story: Discovering Rushdie

Salman Rushdie: great author, figure of controversy, one whom I have been guided to read since early days of study. We finally meet.

…And I’m ‘shamed’ (sorry!) to say that it’s down only in part to former post colonial studies and three rounds of Booker awards, and rather more because LOOK AT THESE COVERS! These two have been on my reading list for a while but how could I possible delay a moment longer when this set, with covers by Ian Howard, called to me from the shelves of an Oxfam bookshop?

rusdie covers

These mystical covers have something of the hieroglyphic about them and lend themselves to the author’s works of magic realism.

Midnight’s Children has now taken pride of place on my shelf and is awaiting the return of its companion, the slighter Shame, from its Victoria line daily outings.

Kathryn Colwell, Publishing Assistant

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