There are treasured books, and then there are those that hold treasure…

I’m a peddler in the cliché that books enrich your life. They take you to amazing places and times, introduce you to ideas and people you would never normally meet and can improve your life in measurable (education, jobs etc) and immeasurable ways.

And then I came across this story via The Huffington Post about a man that found $20,000 in a hollowed out book thrown away. Credit to the man, he set a six month deadline for the owner to claim the cash (he hasn’t made public what the piggy bank edition was) but after that he’s planning on some worthy donations and putting some of the money towards his children’s educations. Here’s the video:

Now that’s one heck of a powerful book! But before I get carried away thinking about having $20,000 to spare, what books do you think are worth their weight in gold?

Lesley Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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