Top toys for Christmas

After a mini-panic last week I have begun my Christmas shopping in earnest, seizing upon ideas with the same desperation that usually strikes this time of year.

I came across the usual ‘top 10 toys for Christmas’ list the other week, and it made me wish I was buying for more kids than grown-ups. So simple in comparison – does it light up? Check. Does it make loud noises or provoke loud noises in the playee? Check, done and dusted.

From what I can tell, things haven’t changed in the two decades since I was writing out my list for Father Christmas – Lego still features strongly, Sylvanian Families (woah, blast from the past – pictured above), even an old favourite like Monopoly gets a look in.
Nice to see that the oldies are still the best!

Click here to view the full list.

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Marketing Manager

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One thought on “Top toys for Christmas”

  1. Oldies are indeed the best! Just seen the new 3D Monopoly game on the list. Is this really necessary? They brought out 3D Scrabble and that was rubbish. And yesterday saw an ad for a new version of Pictionary where you draw on a blank doll (instead of a simple notepad) which supposedly you can then use to act something out… A perfect example of a desperate attempt to revamp a game which doesn’t need revamping.
    These efforts to complicate and “improve” classic games always falls flat if you ask me. Classic games are brilliant as they are. Why tamper with a good thing?

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