Top Brit thriller writers touring UK airports

Just came back from a Publishing Publicity Circle (PPC) meeting with various editors from the Observer including Jane Ferguson on the Review, Oliver Marre on the Books Desk (standing in for Books Editor Will Skidelsky – where were you, Will? I was hoping to finally meet you in person), and Louise, editor of the Woman and Food supplements. I´ve already made a mental note to flag up a few of our Autum books to them soon – on To Do List for next week.
Now am back in the office where we are simply roasting. It’s nice to have a skylight in the office but it does mean the sun streams in and reduces us to sweltering roses… Plus it’s condusive to thoughts about beaches and holidays and not work. And speaking of holidays, if you are heading off on holiday in August, you might spot our very own Richard Jay Parker, author of the upcoming debut novel STOP ME and part of the Curzon Group, milling around and signing books for travellers at WHSmiths at East Midlands Airport. He’ll be there with fellow thriller-writers Matt Lynn and Tom Cain, as part of the group’s Take a Brit to the Beach Campaign. Read today’s article in The Bookseller here. They’ll also be visiting Manchester, Glasgow and Gatwick airport at later dates  (TBC so watch this space!) so perhaps worth timing your holiday departure dates accordingly…

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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