To invest or not invest in Art?

Today, on my usual lunch-time wander, I passed the Rebecca Hossack Gallery on Charlotte Street. who happened to be having a one-day sale of some of their artists’ work. The display included a few pieces from Adam Barrow‘s limited edition Letters and Months series – quirky collages made up of postage stamps and iconic images (as pictured) – but the piece that caught my eye was a papier-mâché sculpture of a toy ship by artist David Bromley whose work (I was told) often includes nostalgic pieces, memories from childhood such boy’s toys.

I will openly admit that I know nothing about art – and I was most probably drawn in by the fact that I, supposedly, would be getting this ‘boat’ for a tenth of the usual price. But I have never even considered “investing in art”, and so I said Thank You and went on my merry way.

But it did leave me curious, and after a quick Google discovered that David Bromley has been lauded as one of the 50 most collectible Australian artists. So…am I missing a trick here?

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity and Online Marketing Manager

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2 thoughts on “To invest or not invest in Art?”

  1. Hi Chiara,

    I bought that piece specifically because of the fact that it looked like a child’s toy. I thought it would be nice gift to give my son when he soon turns 17. To be fair, I got the artists John and David Bromley mixed up, but it is encouraging to know that I have made a good decision.

  2. How delightful to know the person who ended up buying that boat! Thank you so much for responding to this post! I’m sure your son will appreciate the gift (a fabulous idea) and if the reviews are to be believed, it could prove to be a very valuable gift indeed!

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