Time for Christmas markets!

The fact that we are experiencing a white Christmas does add a little something to the festivities. Ok, the man shouting expletives into his mobile phone (as he explains to whoever is on the receiving end that his train is delayed by an hour due to the weather conditions) does not fall in line with the Christmas spirit. But there you have it, even beautiful snow has its downsides –  and, if the papers are to be believed, likely to cause armageddon.

Anyway, I intend to use the snow as a means to fantasize that I am not in London but in a pictoresque Austrian alpine village (my other half has already contemplated snowboarding down our road) and will be taking myself off to the Southbank tomorrow where word has it, a traditional Christmas market has been set up. Wooden huts, mulled wine, and Christmassy bits and bobs… sounds like fun.

You may not be anywhere near the Southbank but if Christmas markets float your boat, then here is a list of the Top Ten Christmas markets in the UK which you may be able to venture to.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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