The Mystery Book Sculptor

As Chiara mentioned in an earlier blog post, last week was Scottish Book Week, prompting us all to ponder on our favourite Scottish books and authors. Since then I’ve come across a Scottish literature celebration of a different kind. Scotland’s mystery book sculptor, who I somehow missed in the news when she first turned up last year, has struck again. No one knows anything about the enigmatic artist apart from the fact that she’s a female book-lover. And of course, the fact that she can create incredible little sculptures out of books, like this one:

Whisky Galore

They reminded me of a set of slightly less mysterious book sculptures I encountered at a Writers’ Centre Norwich Event, which are equally beautiful and kept me staring in wonder for a while, trying to figure out how long such precise work would take. Here’s one of my favourites (I think because it includes a giraffe):

Larousse du XXe Siecle 4, 1931

Is there anyone else out there who’s made something ingenious from the pages of a book?

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator

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