The intern debate

While briefly flicking over to our friends at Snowbooks I came across reference to this article in the Guardian: ‘New inquiry into exploitation of the work for free interns’ (Read more here) – an article that is particularly relevant to me, the lady with a pile of applications to sort through for our autumn 2-week placements.

I’m not going to get bogged down in the arguments relating to this (that extend for pages and pages of rantings on the guardian site) partly because it is a fact of life that won’t change soon, and partly as I’ll be leaving for my hols shortly. But I will say, and speaking as a former work experience girl myself (and who subsequently got a job from proving myself during the placement), if you come to A&B I can almost guarantee that you will hardly ever (if at all) touch our photocopier during the entire length of the internship.

What is all that photocopying people do elsewhere actually for?

Lesley-Anne Brown, Sales & Marketing Manager

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