Wednesday Cover Story: The Changing Face of Lolita

As our weekly Wednesday Cover Stories prove, book covers are always an intriguing (and sometimes controversial) topic. It’s particularly interesting to take a book and look at all the different packages it’s come in over the years. That’s precisely what this site does, with one book – Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov. The site showcases 185 ‘book and media covers’ ranging over 37 countries and 56 years, and is largely based on the author’s own collection of Lolita books. I wonder how much room they take up in the collectors home?!

There are quite a few very raunchy-looking versions, which surprises me given the controversial subject. I think it works best with something pretty simple and understated; here are a couple of my favourites:









And some of my least favourites:









That last one is pretty terrifying. Take a look for yourself – which are your favourites, and why? And for that matter, is anyone else out there collecting the covers of one particular book?

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator

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