That last day with Rachel Caine

How lucky am I? I was the first person (from the A&B office) to get to see Rachel Caine when she arrived in London and I was the last to see her off on Saturday – the final day of her UK tour.

The day was split as follows: morning –  signing at Watertone’s Bluewater; mid-morning –  having a nice lunch on the Strand; afternoon – signing at Waterstone’s in Camden. This latter session saw Rachel busying herself with fans at the store, whilst I stood by Camden tube station, armed with leaflets and my own brand of charm, coaxing any teenager and goth to head over to Waterstone’s for this opportunity to meet the Morganville star author.  I was thrown a number of I’m-far-too-cool-for-you looks from many passing teens.  It’s ok, I’m thick skinned.  Reward came when I approached two girls – one who shood me away immediately, but not before the other girl grabbed me, ripping the leaflet out of my hand, screaming “WAIT! OH MY GOD! That’s EXACTLY where we want to go!!! I just couldn’t remember where the Waterstone’s was!!!” Proof that every task is worthwhile.  Soon after that, it was time to say farewell to Rachel, but considering our ploy to give her no free time to really see London properly, we know she’ll have to come back.

if you want to know what she had to say about her trip, read her Live Journal HERE.

Now I’ll just leave you with a few extra things I learned on that last day:

1.  It is possible to get from Wimbledon to Warren Street in 30 minutes on a Saturday.

2.  Bluewater shopping centre was built in a quarry.

3.  Rachel has a penchant for curries. (I can recommend Sitar Restaurant on The Strand – my lamb Pasanda was very tasty)

3. Teenage boys are more likely to take a leaflet from you than teenage girls.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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