Spotted anything sinister in the Cotswolds lately?

I spent this past weekend in glorious Cotswold country. Quaint little villages, stunning scenery, wholesome pub food, and antique shops galore. But I knew I shouldn’t allow myself to get too swept up in the idyllic landscape. It’s Rebecca Tope country after all. And if you’ve read her highly addictive Cotswold mystery series you’ll know what I mean. Wander too far off the cobbled roads, or into the wrong house and you’re sure to stumble across a dead body.

We stayed in beautiful Painswick, spitting distance from Cranham where her new book Deception in the Cotswolds is set. But I’m happy to report that although we came across Puppy Pie at the local pub, that was about as sinister as it got.

Lara Crisp, Managing Editor

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