Should I go for an Apple Mac or PC?

I’m planning to buy a new laptop, and whilst I have always been a PC girl, I am seriously considering going for a Macbook this time.

The main reason is the virus issue. Apparently Macs just don’t get viruses – whereas my previous laptop, well, that’s exactly what killed it. Death by Trojan. I had the full works – computer going into an electronic epileptic fit, whilst flashes of a satanic-looking symbol appeared on my screen with accompanying alarm sounds. I thought that sort of thing only happened in the movies.

Then, there’s the fact that one of my friends says he only switched from a PC to a Mac a couple of years ago but he has never looked back. When describing the Mac he uses words like “intuitive”, “beautiful” and “easy”. I have to remind him that he’s talking about a computer, not his ideal woman, but it’s quite obvious he’s in love.

Thirdly, I happen to enjoy dabbling with design, and word is that Macs are much better for design. In fact, I was having this discussion earlier with Christina (our Art Editor). She works on a PC in the office but is now considering getting a Mac at home, precisely “because they say it’s built for design work”.

I’m still not sure who they are, or really why an Apple is supposedly so much better to work with. Yet I’m suprisingly drawn in by these allusions (illusions?) that I’ll experience some kind of computer nirvana.

So, what should I do? If you have any insights or personal opinions on this, please do comment.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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5 thoughts on “Should I go for an Apple Mac or PC?”

  1. I’d say MAC! MAC! MAC!

    But that’s the fanboy in me talking and it might not be sensible option. Macs being the product of a single company are expensive for what you get in terms of raw computing and their are probably cheaper laptops that have the same hardware as a Mac.

    Saying that the build quality of a MacBook Pro notebook is second to none and Applecare (their extended warranty) not that I’ve had to use it on any of the 4 macs I’ve owned since 2000.

    But apart from the design and build of a Mac the real question is going to be that of software.

    And the great thing about a Mac is that you can use a license of Windows and all your old favourite programmes within Mac OSX (the operating system) by running either VMWare or Parallels – so for an extra £50 you can run things like Window Live Writer (my favourite blogging software) or the programme that you can’t get a good windows equivalent of.

    But it’s native mac software that really helps. Because Mac people are generally more creative than corporate there are little programmes that are there to make your life easier.

    The list includes (just search in google for more info)

    WriteRoom – an old school programme letting you just write text without distractions or bells and whistles
    Scrivener – for writing and organising what you’ve written – great for keeping lots of text in the same place but in separate chunks
    Pixelator – a mini Photoshop

    You can also get all the Adobe stuff, access to Exchange Server for email, a version of Office and or Apples own Office suite called iWorks.

    So if it’s within budget and you’re you’re going to use it a lot I’d got for a mac 😀

    Sales pitch over!

  2. I’ve avoided Macs like the plague as I had to use one for one of my first interviews post uni and couldn’t understand how to do any simple formatting in the equivalent of word. Probably me being dense as anything, but it scarred me obviously!

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