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Series: D I Owen Sheen

A gritty series exploring the long reach of the Troubles into contemporary life and crime in Northern Ireland

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Blood Will be Born

Gary Donnelly

DI Owen Sheen vowed never to return to Ireland, but he needs answers to the questions he has surrounding his brother's death. On loan from the Met to the PSNI, he is meant to be setting up a new Historical Offences Team, but instead he finds himself partnered with DC Aoife McCusker to work...
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Killing in Your Name

Gary Donnelly

A boy’s body is found in bogland along the Irish border: a case as cold as the earth that has hidden it for so long. DI Owen Sheen has sworn to get justice for the unnamed boy and digs up links to a covert British Army unit that was tasked with creating Satanic panic in the 1970s. Bu...
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Price: £12.99
Format: Trade Paperback

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