Roll up, roll up – get your publishing tour here

There are always some novel ideas being floated as to alternative ways for us publishers to make some money. Could marketing a grand tour of our offices could be one of them?  Read this article on Publishing Perspectives.

This piece made me smile, though I’m not completely convinced it would work in practice. Yet it begs the question as to what would constitute a good tour? Dusty, yellowed or fraying exhibits from the archives? A who’s-who gallery of the great and good? A well-stocked gift shop, of course, as well as snippets of insight into life behind the scenes like “…and this is the seat that Lemony Snicket sat in when he came for tea”.

So, would anyone pay good money for a peek inside the door at 13 Charlotte Mews…?!

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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