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Earlier this week I went to see It’s Complicated – the new movie featuring Meryl Streep as a divorcée , who unexpectedly finds herself having an affair… with her ex-husband. The ex-husband is Alec Baldwin, a man who had left her ten years ago for a yonger woman, and to whom he is currently still married – so in other words, tables are turned and Meryl Streep is now ‘the other woman’ in this love triangle.
The premise was amusing and the good cast and script meant there were plenty of good laughs. Most of all, it was refreshingly a more intelligent rom-com – touching on themes such as the grief of divorce, loneliness, the comfort of familiarity, the thrill of new love and the age-less desire for passion and fun.

I only realised afterwards that it was written and directed by the same woman who brought us Something’s Gotta Give (another rom-com for the middle-aged, starring Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson) which I also thoroughly enjoyed and one of the few rom-coms I have actually recommended to people.

Let me say that I am a fan of rom-coms in general, but the ones geared towards my age group (featuring 20-or-30-somethings) can be so predictable the film borders on boring,  can have too many slapstick scenes that makes the film stupid, and can have such cringe-worthy lines in it you can’t even pretend it’s the sort of thing that might happen to you…

Either Hollywood can only think up good scripts and stories for the 45+ age group. Or I’m a 30-something going on 50…

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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