Ready for the London Book Fair

The London Book Fair is upon us – kicking off this Monday for three days. Unlike the editorial and sales/rights team who will be busy with back-to-back meetings with literary agents, rights managers, foreign publishers etc., I get an easy ride at this event.

I’ll just popping along on Wednesday, attending the Publisher’s Publicity Circle (PPC) seminar on The Future of Print Media and What it Means for Reaching Readers, meeting a few people, and generally soaking up the buzzing atmosphere. (No doubt, you will also find me at some point in the cookery section, watching some chef with a new book perform a cooking demo. Last year I actually helped to make falafels… What can I say, I love books, but I think I love food more…)

But to give you a glimpse of what the London Book Fair can mean to many of us in the business (particularly those who don’t get my easy ride) take a look at the rather hilarious Minions Manual for the London BookFair at Creator, Sophie Dean (who works in a Rights department) posted it last year, but it’s relevant to any year…

Click on the above comic for the manual. (Then click the Next button you’ll see on the page to read through it.)

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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