Post-it Love…

Books, fax machines, photocopiers are all being packed up around us as we prepare for the Great Office Move. I’m hesitating over what to pack up and what not to. Is that file important? Will I need that dictionary? Can those samples be packed up?

As my office stationery dwindles I’ve come to the conclusion that there is one piece of paraphernalia I really can’t do without, the Post-it note. There are literally dozens of little custardy yellow memory jolters competing for space on my computer screen, on the phone, on files, on the noticeboard… Most often used for shopping lists, reminders and soppy messages to go along with your loved ones packed lunches, the Post-it note has also been used for nefarious purposes (remember when Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw was dumped by Post-it?! The shame!) So in honour of my favourite piece of stationery, here’s  our Post-It Love board on Pinterest – a colourful compilation of crazy/funny/cute Post-it notes for your day.

If you have any others, please do share with us. We’d love to see them!

Lara Crisp, Managing Editor

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