Name a book set around Halloween and win a treat!

Happy Halloween everyone! Amongst the things I’ve thought about today are: Why is treak or treating just for kids?; shall I make a pumkin soup or pumpkin risotto for dinner tonight?; and what good books have been set on or around Halloween?

The only one I could think of was one by the great Tony Hillerman who we published some years ago. And no, the book I’m referring to is not The Skeleton Man (you’ve been to too many fancy-dress parties) but to an earlier title in his acclaimed Navajo Tribal Police series: The Fallen Man.  In the book, human bones are found at the peak of a 1,700-foot-high Shiprock, one of the holiest places in Navajo religion – and yes, the discovery is made on Halloween.

So that’s one. But can you think of any other good Halloween-set reads? If you can, let us know and you will automatically enter into a giveaway to win the last two books in  Tony Hillerman’s Navajo mystery series: The Skeleton Man and The Shape Shifter.

Just tell us the name of the book and a short line to explain what bit in the book happens on Halloween – by commenting here on this post, on our Facebook page or via Twitter (@Allisonandbusby #Halloweenbooks) – and you could be a winner! (Post your answers by 11pm on 1 November 2011)

Let’s call this the adult version of Halloween treat!

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing manager

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