My Raw Food Challenge

Bar my recent attendance at the launch of the new Saf Restaurant in Kensington, the “raw movement” is probably one of the few culinary arenas I’ve not really explored. So, after browsing on Amazon, I decided to add to my collection of cookbooks the book Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Kitchen.

The health benefits of eating more raw foods is indisputable and I was mainly excited to see what interesting concoctions I could produce at home using only raw ingredients (bar a nice salad). But having now read the author’s introduction to the book, things have since stepped up a notch.

Ani Phyo claims that, now she’s on a 100% raw food diet she has so much energy she only sleeps 2 hours a night. Really? Just 2 hours?? Is it possible to feel that perky?! Think of how much you could accomplish in a day!

So,  inspired by (and a little sceptical about) this claim, my other half and I are embarking on our very own Raw Food Challenge – eating nothing but raw foods for 2 weeks to see if we actually feel any different.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity and Online Marketing Manager (and resident foodie)

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