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I’ve just discovered the perfect gift shop – The Literary Gift Company – and hoped to delight my fellow colleagues with such a discovery, only to fine I’m actually a bit late off the mark, as the other A&B girls were well aware of this online treasure trove (and blogged about it too here, before I joined this lovely office!)

So, if you’ve been following this blog for long you may already be privy to this website, but if, like, me, you are not, I think it deserves another spotlight. And I could use your help deciding between two literary mugs I simply can’t choose between…

Some of my other favourites include the owl bookends, a tea towel decorated with the first line of one of my favourite novels (and it’s apt, because it’s about a kitchen sink) and the clever invisible shelves, which make your books appear to float in mid-air.

I’m also loving the ‘Poetry instead of a card’ collection, because I always think greetings cards are kind of pointless, and it takes me ages to find one that a) doesn’t have any teddy bears or other cutesy images on it, and b) doesn’t include an overly sentimental and extremely badly written poem inside. These are small collections of good poems, which makes more sense to me – and they’re not that much more expensive than greetings cards these days. Although I do wonder how they managed to find ten poems about tea…

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator

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