Kjell Eriksson spotted in Nairobi airport

Yes, that’s a fact. The week before last, I spotted Kjell Eriksson in Nairobi airport. Well, not the actual man himself, but his books – but I was thrilled nonetheless.  There I was, in this miniscule bookshop at 5am in the morning – passing the time waiting for my connecting flight – when I spotted his name. There, amongst the shelves of safari books, travel guides, children’s books featuring hippos and lions and plenty of memoirs and fiction set in Africa, were our editions  of The Demon of Dakar and The Princess of Burundi. (Can you spot them?)

Well fancy that.  I might have wanted to forget about work on my honeymoon, but even in Kenya our authors prove to be far too popular.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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3 thoughts on “Kjell Eriksson spotted in Nairobi airport”

  1. I am currently reading Another Time, Another Life by Leif G W Persson (which I am really enjoying so far), & the name of the murder victim is Kjell Eriksson. I wonder if this is deliberate or a coincidence – both are Swedish crime-fiction authors? (Another character in the book is a police inspector called Anna (not Anne) Holt, but so far, she’s still alive.)

  2. That´s true. Later I used Leif GW Persson in one of my books, slightly changed (The cruel stars… – I think it was). As a joke.
    Kjell E

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