It’s a Small World

We’ve all heard of the six-degrees of separation; that any two people on Earth can be connected to one another in fewer than six human links, but we in the A&B office are sure the world feels even smaller sometimes.

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 Back in July, we published the wonderful Fair Girls and Fair Horses by the Pullein-Thompson sisters – authors famed for their hundreds of pony books, which made them household names to a generation of children. Their books tell of their charming and extraordinary childhood full of remarkable characters – both human and animal.

And now A&B’s Susie has discovered that her mum used to be in pony club with the three Pullein-Thompson sisters! Susie’s mum was just 11 years old, and remembers the girls and especially Miss Lawrence who loaned her a pony called Tom, who ‘jumped beautifully’! Here’s Miss Lawrence mentioned below…


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