In search of the innovative bookshelf (bookshelf series, 2)

Following my recent bookshelf-building exploits, and the fact that I’m still short of space, I’ve been on the hunt for innovative ideas as to how I could store more books in my flat.  And there are plenty of interesting ideas out there, albeit some more useful than others (considering a few assume you must reside in The Tate Modern) and these three ideas caught my eye:

1. The Urban Book-Lover’s Armchair

Brilliant! The equivalent to the La-Z-Boy with integrated beer cooler….only for book lovers. Plus, considering I have an over-sized monster of an armchair sitting in my living-room (the downside to renting a furnished flat…) I would gladly substitute it for this one, at least a book-friendly beast.

2. The Reader’s Table

Now this is thinking outside the box. Plus it can save you £6 on your next IKEA trip as you can forgo buying the Førgastan legs (totally made that name up, don’t bother googling) to the table top you just bought. Also, a particularly relevant solution for me, considering my flat includes a highly unfunctional glass kitchen table (did I mention the downside of renting a furnished flat?) comprising of only one pedestal in the middle of it, causing the table to constantly wobble. The one drawback of this book-table design? Bit of a mission if someone asks to borrow Fatal Legacy, eighteen books down on the left leg. (Yeah, go pick something on the other bookshelf, matey.)

3. The Likes-His-XBox-More-Than-Books Bookshelf

Totally irrelevant to my purposes seeing as I a) don’t own a flat screen TV,  b) definitely don’t have that much wall space either and c) wouldn’t really dream of having this in my house… although it would probably put a smile on my face every time I walked in the room. So, for the mere fact that I actually did adore playing Pac Man as a kid,  and simply find this too original an idea to ignore, I’ve included it here.

That’s it for now, but don’t forget to send in pictures of your own innovative bookshelf ideas or proud book displays which may inspire me. Just email (Prizes involved…)

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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