Gestation, Gluttony, and Gin…

Yesterday we ended the working day with a festive ‘tea’ at The Parlour at Fortnum and Masons to celebrate the fact that Lara will shortly be leaving us on maternity leave and embarking on a very exciting (albeit sleep-depriving) journey as New Mum.

And when I say ‘tea’, I really mean a feast of unabashed gluttony. We clearly felt we should all be ‘eating for two’ and merrily tucked into scones with clotted cream, blackforest cake, strudel, ice-cream, bellini-smoothies, as well as Welsh Rarebit (unanimously winning the Best Choice category amongst the savoury dishes selected), chocolate fondue (with so much chocolate sauce we could have lathered our entire bodies in it and still had enough left over to cover the strawberries, mini-marshmallows and amaretti biscuits that came with it), and a sweeter-than-sweet Toffeechino (a bombshell comprising double expresso, toffee syrup, whipped cream and mini toffee icecream).  See more on menu here…

But the winning treat on this occasion had to be the Gin & Tonic sorbet (and no, Lara did not partake) which we agreed would make a nice end to any future dinner party.  So, whilst you all could not be there to share the very civilised gorge-fest, I can at least share a link to a recipe I’ve found for this brilliant boozy desert. Have a good weekend!

Gin & Tonic Sorbet Recipe

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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