Friday Fun: How a Book is Born

So you want to write a book? Well, before you put pen to paper and dream of a world where you think of a story, write it down, send it  to publisher, publisher prints it,  book goes into bookshops, and book sells millions, perhaps a reality check is in order. And no better one than the diagram below which I came across on the Huffington Post, which clearly explains that this seed of an idea formulating in your brain could in fact be the start of a long and difficult journey involving a lot of backwards and forwards, plenty of little highs and subsequent lows, much heavy drinking, and the potential that you could be responsible (should your book fail) for destroying the career of an editor who will be forced to give up books and turn to (obviously) goat farming.

If this diagram doesn’t put you off, then go forth and write! You clearly have enough drive and passion to endure it all, so Good Luck! Heck, we wouldn’t work in this crazy world of publishing if we didn’t think it was all worth it, right? Worse come to worse, what’s wrong with goat farming anyway?

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager



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