Finding the right place to be a writer in residence…

So, last week author Tony Parsons was a ‘writer in residence’ at Heathrow airport (read more about that here…) apparently using his time there to gather material for his next book. While I definitely don’t envy him the food, general ambience and variously jet-lagged and tetchy passengers he was sure to encounter, I did think he had a point when he said that ‘airports are places of extreme emotion where people come and go and experiences begin and end.’

It made me wonder where else would be a place ripe with inspiration for a writer. Here are my suggestions:

A hospital: You would certainly take in the highs, lows, beginnings and endings of the human condition.

The underground: Go on, admit it, this sounds like an idea that Boris Johnson will announce any day now.

A prison: Prisons seem to be a thriving place for residencies like this – see the Writers in Prison Network.

A cruise ship: Lots of people crammed in a place they can’t leave, a recipe for drama surely?

Care to offer any other suggestions?

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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