Favourite pubs in London

I’m not a fan of dirty old man pubs and as much as I love glossy bars, there’s nothing quite like a low-key, cosy pub serving local beer and comfort food. 

Round the corner from our lovely offices is the very popular Carpenter’s Arms. It has a beautiful outside area, complete with obligatory fairly lights and is (usually) well stocked too.

My Sunday favourite has got to be the Old Ship in Hammersmith (HUGE Sunday roasts), although The Dove nearby is a close contender too.

De Hems in Soho (pictured) specialises in Dutch beer and is a great spot if you’re looking for somewhere central.

I’m always on the lookout for new additions to my list of favourites though – any suggestions?

Lara Crisp, Managing Editor

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2 thoughts on “Favourite pubs in London”

  1. Favourites of mine are The Cross Keys in Endell Street (traditional boozer with crushed velvet banquettes and pub clutter) and The Cittie Of Yorke in Holborn (lawyer cubicles, enormous barrels over bar which had to be taken down in WW2 and cellar bar)

    Also like A&B’s nearby pubs – The Fitzroy which has a great writers room downstairs (good for dingy meetings) and The Newman Arms which was used in the opening sequence of the controversial movie Peeping Tom but more importantly was mentioned by Orwell in 1984. He used to drink there and the last time I was in (a few years ago) the pie room upstairs was still doing great business.

    There’s a great wartime bio of a writer/actor/dandy/wastrel Juliam McClaren Ross (Fear And Loathing In Fitzrovia) which paints a vivid picture of these pubs in the forties.

  2. The Carpenter’s Arms is cool! The Cole Hole on the Strand can get a little crowded but I’ve had many a fun night downstairs. A truly good pub needs to be by a river though, in my humble opinion, so I’d punt (quite literally!) for the Granta or The Anchor in Cambridge.

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