Daddy gadget classes…

Ha! Here’s a news story that caught my eye the other day.

I can appreciate that preparing for impending fatherhood must be a daunting business. There’s your hormonal partner for one and the joys of anticipation when it comes to nappy changing for another. But I hadn’t quite realized that parents were feeling quite so clueless about the raft of techie paraphernalia that babies now seem to require. But apparently so, as John Lewis Oxford Street are launching ‘daddy gadget’ classes for fathers-to-be who are bemused by the demands of high-chairs or want to learn ‘advanced buggy maneouvres’ like the ‘bus dismount’ and ‘the 360-degree swivel’…

The classes are apparently booked up weeks in advance, but I wonder if there’s the chance of attending as an audience…?

Lesley Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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