Co-founder of Allison & Busby dies

Clive Allison, who co-founded Allison & Busby together with Margaret Busby back in 1967, has died. Read his obituary written by Margaret Busby in the Guardian.

Clive Allison – the ‘A’ in A&B – has died, aged 67. He and Margaret Busby founded Allison & Busby back in 1967, first as a week-end venture, and then as full-time publishers, setting up office in Soho in 1969 and publishing an eclectic range of ‘innovative and unpredictable’ books from fiction to serious non-fiction, to children’s books. Much has changed since those founding years (in 1987 the company was taken over by WH Allen and has since evolved and thrived under various independent managers) but Margaret Busby will no doubt always remember the roots of this lovely publishing house and you can read Clive’s obituary which she has written in The Guardian here.

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