Cathy Lamb and Chocolate-eyed Labs

I’ve been chatting on email to our author Cathy Lamb, whose next book Julia’s Chocolates will be available soon.  Cathy lives over in the US and was telling me about her recent stay on the Kindness Ranch where her sister is a ranch manager.  She described the place so beautifully and sounded like she had had such a great time, I had to google it and find out more.

Set in a stunning nature reserve in Wyoming, Kindness Ranch is a sanctuary for abused animals or those that have been used for medical research. The scenery is just breathtaking and the animals, all looking for new homes, range from dogs, cats, horses to sheep and even pigs. I’m a sucker for chocolate-eyed labs, so one of her Emma’s story gets a highlight here.

Emma’s Story: Emma will touch your heart. She is a very gentle and shy Treeing Walker Coonhound Lab mix who spent much of the first year of her life in a laboratory. She will be ready for adoption in the future, but at the moment she needs additional time and socialization at the ranch. She loves to romp and play with her dog friends, but she is still rather nervous around people. We are working with her on a daily basis to bring more joy to her life and to help her build trust in people.

Lara Crisp, Managing Editor

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