Bookie-quiz for a rainy lunchtime…

On a rainy lunchtime, while eating one’s BLT (uninspired and in danger of being trampled underfoot in Tescos at lunchtime, I made an autopilot lunch grab) what one needs is a bit of mental stimulation to chase the cobwebs away. And while browsing The Bookseller’s website I found just the thing – Bent’s Invisibooks (second edition).

The first letter of the first word (excluding definite and indefinite articles, keep up people) of each of the books featuring in his montage will spell out an opening line from a bestselling 2010 title. A quick crossword style scribble leaves me with the following so far:

_ W A S _ _ _ N _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ O W B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ L L _ H I _ _ W _ S _ _ _ H O _ _ _ T A L _ _ O_

Hmmm, oh dear. Definitely harder than the first installment. The number of misery memoir style covers is going to hold me back I’m sure, they all look the same!

The deadline for entries is 6th Feb (more T&C info) so here’s hoping inspiration combined with random amazon searches will pay off. Feel free to tease me with clues if you’ve spotted one I’m missing!

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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