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Wings Over the Watcher

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Author Priscilla Masters
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749082123
Pages 288
Publication Date 1st November 2005
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In separate locations in Leek, Staffordshire, three separate tableaux are being performed. DI Joanna Piercy is writing to her lover Matthew to try and explain recent events; her sidekick Mike Korpanski is filling in his insurance form after his wife has had a minor prang in the car; and an unknown person is penning love letters to a local doctor.

It seems that no one could lead a more mundane life than Beatrice Pennington, a woman who joins Joanna’s cycling club, anxious to regain her figure by dieting and keeping fit.  Unexciting; mid-forties; married; a part-time librarian; grown-up kids; her life appears unremarkable. But weeks later, a drama unfolds around her.  A month after Beatrice begins her quest for health and glamour her distraught husband arrives at the police station to report her missing. 

At first Joanna assumes Beatrice has decamped with another man. Evidence certainly seems to point this way. But as Joanna begins to peel back the layers of Beatrice’s seemingly uneventful life she begins to realise: Beatrice was no ordinary woman.



What The Critics Said

‘A new Priscilla Masters novel is always a welcome sight…I’m hoping that she develops a wider readership [in the US], one that she certainly deserves.’

Deadly Pleasures

‘One of Britain’s most respected and prolific crime writers…a clever imagination’

Our Time magazine

‘Accurate and realistic…her writing has a richness and humanity.’

Staffordshire Newsletter

‘Priscilla Masters is an extremely good writer with a gift for both characterisation and a believable plot. She understands what makes people tick, for better or worse, and is able to translate this into clear, crisp prose’

Tangled Web

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