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To Catch a Husband


E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback

Author Sophia Holloway
Rights World
ISBN 9780749031879
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Miss Mary Lound, practical and direct, would be the first to say that she demonstrates more grace with a fishing rod in her hand than she might ever twirling around a ballroom. Thanks to a spendthrift father and a foolish brother, Mary and her mother have lost the family estate, Tapley End, and are feeling the pinch. When the new owner, Sir Rowland Kempsey, comes to take up residence, Mary decides to direct her energies into recovering her beloved home by catching a husband.

For Sir Rowland, Miss Lound is a breath of fresh air in spite of her awkward attempts at flirtation. However, with false starts, even falser neighbours and the emergence of feelings that complicate Mary’s pragmatic goal, she discovers that landing the man she wants is more difficult than she’d anticipated.

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