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No Suspicious Circumstances

Cover of No Suspicious CircumstancesRead An Extract of No Suspicious Circumstances

Author: Mulgray Twins

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
ISBN: 9780749013806
Rights: World English
Pub. Date: 17th January 2013

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Format: E-book

Synopsis of book»

 Meet the world's most unusual undercover team...

It can be tough working undercover for HM Revenue & Customs, but DJ Smith has more than a little help from her trained sniffer cat, Gorgonzola, a moth-eaten Persian with gourmet tastes and a mind of her own.

This first investigation finds DJ and Gorgonzola on the trail of a heroin smuggling ring operating in and around Edinburgh. Here DJ meets a cast of memorable characters including American golfing fanatic Hiram J Spinks, the glamorous Italian Signora Gina Lombardini, and the not so glamorous self‑styled gastronome extraordinaire Felicity Lannelle.

Beneath the innocent surface of the country house hotel eddies a sinister undercurrent.  As one death follows another, who among the guests specialises in making murder look like accident? 



What Critics Have Said»

‘The unpleasantness of the crime itself is cushioned in layers of gentle humour, larger-than-life characters and good-humoured mishaps…The books take their place in the honourable tradition of light-hearted crime.’The Scotsman

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‘If you love cosy crime, then this book is for you.’Mystery Women

‘An old cliché says two heads are better than one, but in the case of identical twins, Helen and Morna Mulgray, it couldn’t be more accurate.’Writing Magazine

‘The first novel published in English by identical twins. Each of its 86, 000 words was a joint endeavour.’Irish Independant

‘An excellent read and one I thoroughly recommend’Scots Magazine

‘It is believed to be the first novel published by identical twins’Daily Mail

‘Oozes the kind of quirky charm and originality that made Alexander McCall Smith’s No1 Ladies Detective Agency series a best seller’Daily Record

‘Nothing short of exceptional. No Suspicious Circumstances has a wit and a spirit’Big Issue Scotland

‘Refreshingly unique’The Times

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