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Every Secret Thing

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback

Author Susanna Kearsley
Rights UK and Comm
ISBN 9780749009014
Pages 468
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Moving between fast-paced modern-day London and Canada to the dangerous, double-crossing streets of war-time Lisbon, comes this thrilling mystery and intriguing love story from a brilliant new voice.  

When an old man strikes up a conversation with her on the steps of St Paul’s and makes a mystifying mention of murder and an oddly familiar comment about her grandmother, Kate Murray is intrigued. But she never gets to hear the rest of Andrew Deacon’s tale. Shocked by his unexpected death, she wonders who this strange, old man is, and what the odd reference to her grandmother could mean. Interest piqued by the story never told, Kate becomes drawn into an investigation, uncovering secrets about the grandmother she thought she knew and a man she never did. Soon she is caught up in a dangerous whirlwind of events that takes her back into her grandmother’s mysterious war-time past and across the Atlantic as she tries to retrace Deacon’s footsteps.

Finding out the truth is not so simple, however, as only a few people are still alive who know the story, and Kate soon realises that her questions are putting their lives in danger. Stalked by an unknown and sinister enemy, and facing death every step of the way, Kate must use her tough journalistic instinct to find the answers from the past in order to have a future.

What The Critics Said

‘An entertaining read with lively characterisation,
an attractively unassuming Second World War spy and neat plotting’

Sunday Telegraph

‘A nice example of the ‘woman in peril’ sub-category of crime fiction… An enjoyable…hide-and-seek thriller’

Literary Review

‘Every Secret Thing is a big, lush whirligig of a book, spanning decades and continents…that is both pacey and credible… Emma Cole’s plot snakes through time and countries with stunning alacrity and confidence.’

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