Back from the Easter break

Back to work after a lovely, sunny week away relaxing by the pool and doing nothing but eating, drinking and reading.   No telly to watch (other than at the bar where I got to see Chelsea’s marvellous trouncing of Liverpool) so it was a great chance to catch up on reading some of the manuscripts that have been lurking in my in-box for months.   But having got sucked into the BOGOHP at Gatwick WHS, I ended up with a suitcase of books as well as my packed Sony reader … definitely a busman’s holiday!  What I always find so fascinating is how often I see other European holidaymakers with hardback books on the beach, rather than the disposable paperbacks that we Brits tend to take.  What was everyone else reading?  Have a guess …Stephenie Meyer.

Susie Dunlop, Publishing Director

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